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Machine Vision and Auto ID Technologies.
Trust in us to get you to the finish line.

King Barcode specializes in providing high quality and cost efficient barcode reading and machine vision solutions to the pharmaceutical, medical, biomedical, food & beverage, aerospace, automotive, Department of Defense, solar, packaging, plastics, electronics, semiconductor, and many more manufacturing and distribution industries world wide. Our products are used to capture and analyze visual data, improving product quality, eliminate production errors and lower manufacturing costs for our customers.

As a leading reseller of barcode readers and machine vision systems, our solutions are used in reading both linear(1D) and 2D barcodes, barcode verification,  date and lot code verification, compliance tracking, inventory control, defect detection, identifying parts and products, measurements, 360 degree OCR, glass surface inspection, guiding robots, and much more.

On top of being a leading reseller, King Barcode also provides consulting services, integration services, designing services, machine building, complete “turn-key” solutions, programming, and excellent customer support.

King Barcode is the right online partner for your Imaging and optical technology needs. 

Why King Barcode, LLC.

Royal Customer Service

Customer service isn't the most important thing we do. It's the only thing we do. That's why we provide you with many options of support including free phone and remote support. King barcode also has a dedicated lab for testing customer’s samples / applications before any sale to make sure you pick the right products. 

Vast Technical Knowledge

Our technical staff has the broadest knowledge in the fields of Imaging and Optical Technologies. One of our friendly experts is always available to suggests products or solutions for any situation.

Quick Response Time

Between, Phone, Email and Remote Support King Barcode will provide accurate Information and get your order out fast with accuracy. 

On Line Support

With the type of products King barcode provides, we are able to remote into your system and provide world class support, training and post-sales support.