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King Barcode specializes in advanced imaging equipment. With over 50 years of combined industrial automation experience, King Barcode has a deep understanding of the automation world. Let us help you with your imaging needs for your current or future application. We offer free imaging by just filling out the form and sending us your samples. We also have a sample program that allows you, the customer to try the solution out before you pay for it.

King Barcode is the premium online partner for your Imaging and optical technology needs.

The Steps:

Fill Out Form to the Right

*Send Samples to King Barcode

Wait for results

Please submit form online and send a copy of this with the samples.


If you would like sampes sent back, please include UPS/FedEX number

4129 Avenida de la Plata Oceanside, CA 92056

Attn Workshop Samples

In approximately 3-7 days from time of delivery, King Barcode will have your results for your application.
*Please limit samples to 5 per company